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The  Mommas!!!

        The size of shih tzus ranges from 5 to 15 pounds. Standards are 9 and up to 15, while imperials are under 9. Mine are usually  in the mid range.
Mei Mei -AKC/CKC 
Sissy- AKC/CKC
New little addition!  She will have to grow up first!!  update 10/21
The Daddy!!
As things have turned out, I lost my little sire, Dakota.  I am now looking to find a new little sire. I need one that is about 7 or 8 pounds to be the right size for my girls.    9/28/22
Chi Chi  - CKC
Chi chi is still growing up.  She will be one of my mommas  in the future.  
Pancake- CKC AKC